Live Auction

The Live Auction portion of our Community Creates evening is always highly anticipated! Preview the amazing collection as our event opens before bidding begins at 9pm. Local artists and community leaders partner to develop an original work of art. The resulting unique creations vary from oils on canvas, metalwork, photography, watercolors, fibers, woodwork and many other inspiring collaborations.

Community Creates pairs local artists and community leaders to create artwork together. How the pairs choose to collaborate is completely their choice.

Our artist and leader pairings may meet for brainstorming sessions to develop an idea, work together sketching a creation or tour the artist’s studio to select a previously executed piece that fits their agreed upon theme. The only goal is to enhance rather than impede the creative process for both the artist and the community leader.

Metal Artist Duncan Lewis & Chancellor Lindsay Bierman work on their collaboration.

2019 Artists & Leaders

Noah Bressman & Larry Barron (Poet) – Enhanced Photography
Owens Daniels & Andy Tennille (Photographer & Ramkat Partner) – Photography
Trish Goldberg & Bob Moyer (Director, Shakespeare Lives!) – Alcohol Ink
Anna Jarrell & Mary Haglund (Owner, Mary’s Gourmet Diner) – Oil on Canvas
Kendall Priest & Matt Troy (Music Director & Conductor, Piedmont Wind Symphony) – Multimedia

2019 Solo Artists

John Blackburn – Painting
Jan Detter – Mosaic
Drew Gerstmayer – Metalwork
Diana Green – Photography
Ellen Heck – Print
Tom Hollis – Woodwork
Zach Lail – Metalwork
Laura Lashley – Painting
Kyle T. Webster – Print